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About Adtek

Adtek was founded in 2021 with a mission is digitalizing businesses in Vietnam to grow their sales and optimize their costs. Unlike other agencies, we dive deeply into their business problems to provide the best solutions backed by data analysis. Our services include E-commerce Enablement, User Acquisition, CRM, and Integrated Marketing Campaigns (IMC).

Growth Consulting

We compile & analyze a vast amount of your business data to identify growth and cost-optimization opportunities. Our consultants develop a strategic and actionable growth plan to tap into these opportunities to boost your business growth in a short time.

User Acquisition Strategy

For each stage of your business, we implement different user acquisition strategies to acquire the most valuable users for your business based on many performance metrics such as CAC, retention rate, and especially customer lifetime value to ensure your business grows sustainably at scale.

Ecommerce Management

E-commerce has grown tremendously by 200% last few years due to the boost of COVID. With more than 8 years of experience in the e-commerce industry, our consultants helped many traditional businesses set up and grow their online businesses. The scopes of work include e-commerce setup, online store operation, campaign management & P&L optimization.

CRM Consulting

The cost of acquiring a new customer is five times more than retaining an existing customer. To maximize your customers’ retention rate, our consultants carefully analyze your customer data to lay out CRM models that fit your business requirements to deliver optimal results balanced between scale and cost. Our models include customer lifecycle, RFM, golden number, and cost optimization.

  • Develop customer lifecycle
  • Reduce churn rate
  • Improve retention rate
  • Increase customer loyalty

Integrated Marketing Communication

An integrated marketing communication plan is a powerful tool to impact your business performance and brand positioning significantly. All communications from all channels are in sync to provide one clear and concise message to the customers that help them understand your brand better and easily navigate through the marketing funnel to be your loyal customers. We help our clients develop a fully integrated marketing campaign from branding to performance marketing, including developing creative ideas, creating key visuals, key messages & taglines, media planning, and brand lift study/performance measurement.

What Our Clients Say

The feedback has been trusted and accompanied by customers in the past time.

Adtek is not the same with all of the agencies that I have worked with. They analyzed insightfully marketing and selling data to generate effective growth strategies, resulting in Ubofood’s unexpected exceeding turnover.

Anh Nguyen
CEO UboFood


With more than 10 years of experience in growth marketing and e-commerce, we are strongly confident to deliver the best results to our clients.
  • Former Head of Online Marketing @ Shopee Vietnam
  • Former Head of Performance @ Dentsu Redder
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